NAPU compressor was established in Shanghai Pudong Free Trade Zone in 2012. As early as the beginning of the 2000s, the company's founders and team focused on the practice and research of the repair and remanufacturing of the core component - the head - of various screw compressors and fans. Through numerous trials and verifications, the NAPU team has achieved a series of technological breakthroughs in the field of screw compressor head maintenance and remanufacturing, fulfilling numerous complex and highly challenging repair needs for our customers. The head repair service provided to our users not only greatly reduces the time needed to resume production, but also saves them a significant amount of valuable funds. Furthermore, it provides a solid guarantee for the usage and maintenance of our users' core components and equipment.

The NAPU remanufacturing team provides repair services for compressor and fan heads of various imported brands to numerous well-known domestic and international companies, including major domestic power generation groups, Sinopec, CNPC, CNOOC, Sinochem Group, China Power Investment Corporation, North China Ordnance, Sinopharm Group, Baowu Steel Group, China National Tobacco Corporation, and COFCO Group. Foreign enterprises include 3M, Heinz, Belden, Dupont, Vopak, Siemens, BASF, Linde, and Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., among others.

NAPU also offers replacement heads for oil-free twin-screw air compressors from renowned international brands such as Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, CompAir, and Kobelco. Our products are exported to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and other regions throughout the year, providing cost-effective and equally reliable replacement parts to users both domestically and internationally, comparable to those of the original manufacturers.

Our values lie in providing users with more options, assisting them in gaining greater bargaining power in procurement, and driving us to continuously pursue higher standards of productivity. In this process, we aim to propel our organization towards a direction that better aligns with market demands and, through this transformation, serve our customers even better. This cycle is an ongoing pursuit that we are committed to.

Service models and brands

NAPU provides head repair services for screw compressor models including process gas, nitrogen, and air compressors. These models include Howden , CompAir , AERZEN , Kaeser , Boge , Atlas Copco , Ingersoll Rand , Sullair , Quincy , Kobelco , Hitachi , Gardner Denve ...

Head Damage Phenomena

The screw is jammed or the screw shaft is broken;

The casing or bearing seat is cracked;

The jacket is cracked or has holes;

Air leakage in the head results in insufficient exhaust volume;

High exhaust temperature in the head;

Oil leakage in the seal;

Rusting of the screw, wear and peeling of the coating.

Head Repair Solutions


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Capabilities include disassembly and inspection using special tools, fixtures, and disassembly equipment, among others.

We have the ability to repair or replicate all damaged parts or components, including housings, screws, seals, and all other parts except bearings. The repair processes employed include laser cladding, chemical coating, heat treatment, and machining.

Replication of damaged parts is also within our capabilities.

Surface treatment capabilities cover cleaning, rust removal, spraying, rust prevention, and more.

We also possess assembly and related process capabilities such as meshing, dynamic balancing, and grinding.

Lastly, we have testing capabilities to measure indicators like flow rate, pressure, temperature, power consumption, noise, and vibration.

Quality Assurance and After-sales Support Commitment

NAPU strictly adheres to relevant standards and regulations, including enterprise standards, in the process of manufacturing and repairing compressor heads to ensure that the performance and reliability of the manufactured or repaired heads meet the original manufacturer's standards.

Every repaired compressor head is strictly controlled and tested to ensure it meets quality standards before leaving the factory. We ensure that all aspects of management, including personnel, machinery, materials, methods, and environment, are compliant and legitimate, and achieve product quality assurance through process control. We establish maintenance solutions for each repaired compressor head to ensure traceability, and conduct factory testing for each head to visualize the maintenance effects.

Not only do we provide the highest industry standards for quality assurance, but we also offer the most comprehensive emergency support solutions. For example, based on the user's machine model, we provide emergency compressor heads or entire machines to meet temporary gas demands, ensuring the user's gas supply and production safety. Thanks to our status as an air compressor manufacturer, we have sufficient inventory of compressor heads or entire machines to fulfill our commitment to ensuring users' gas supply.

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